Fit Matters – Four Reasons to Hire for Cultural Fit

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Fit Matters – Four Reasons to Hire for Cultural Fit

Whether an organization is searching for the ‘right’ candidate or a candidate is searching for the ‘right’ position, taking cultural fit into consideration is essential for long term success. Cultural fit is an important factor when determining the likelihood of employee retention and engagement. Cultural fit is the likelihood that someone will reflect and/or be able to adapt to the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that make up your organization. If you perceive that a candidate aligns to your existing culture or you believe the company you are considering fits your values, then you are likely on track for finding a cultural match.

Decisions regarding employment still tend to focus on an applicant’s skills and experience.  We know this when this is all that we have taken into consideration.  They have a comprehensive resume, their interview went smoothly but now they are on board and seem to have challenges fitting in and working with others.  This is costly to any hiring process because as we known turnover is the result.

Let’s take a look at some of what we know.  Most employers say they believe measuring cultural fit is important. Furthermore, they believe that cultural fit directly impacts employee performance and job satisfaction.  But what is also interesting is that a smaller percentage of employers share that measuring cultural fit is not a high priority in their recruitment process.

4 Reasons for Finding the Right Fit during the recruitment process.

# 1.  Higher retention and lower turnover.

Hiring a candidate based on culture and values increases retention immensely. But it’s not just about what’s right for the company, it’s also about what’s best for the candidate. When you get it right, you will likely add someone to the team who is willing to stay.  

# 2.  The Happy Factor and job satisfaction.  

It’s been often reported that employees who are a good culture fit are happier and show greater job satisfaction and—perhaps as a result—remain with the organization longer.  Working with people who share our values and vision makes for a better office environment and promotes a healthier workspace.

# 3. Solidified engagement.

When employees share the same core values and collective behaviors that make up the organization, they tend to feel a sense of belonging, common purpose, and a committed to their job. This will not only increase employee engagement, but culturally-fit workers showcase superior performance and bring higher business gains. We know when there is a cultural alignment with employer and employee that there is overall greater job satisfaction with deeper engagement and commitment to the company.

# 4. Excellent job performance – continue to grow and challenge

Studies show engaged employees are motivated.  Motivated employees are more productive.  Increased productivity translates to increased profitability. Engaged workers are motivated workers. Motivated workers are more productive. Higher productivity translates to higher profits. This translate to excellent job performance.

Cultural fit is such a huge issue nowadays for employers, and, some will argue, that it’s much more important than the skills an applicant has. If you have to teach someone how to fit into your culture, then you know you have a mismatch. Do yourself a favor, and get to know everything you can about culture, it will save you time and money in the long run.

At the Essence Group, our fit assessment analysis goes deeper than the resumes and standard questions. We assess and verify the most suitable candidates through a variety of checks, interviews, and in-depth profiling.  These techniques enable us to identify the right candidate for your organization.

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